minternational’s top 50 tracks of 2012

tracks tracks tracks. the mass of good tracks available these days is insane. there’s the tracks you say they are new and different. and there are the tracks which are satisfying the pure need for pop. getting both at one time is likely to be a top scorer. if the sound of 2012 in the view of minternational had to be pinned down to an upcoming genre, i would suggest to call it dreamtrap. then there is a hell lot of pitching, chopping and screwing going on. everybody is throwing his one minute experiments on the cloud. while the idea of cover versions is slightly disapperaring, melodies or whole tracks are getting to be used as instruments itself in a way that makes the word “sample” antiquated. as in 2011 producers like the weeknd seemed to draw the future of r’n'b, in 2012 the future of r’n'b got less bodily, less thick and therefor more abstract in a bedroom’ish and vapourwave’ish way. anyway, r’n'b maybe was the basic feeling of the year, often expressed in a sort of electronic soul. drum’n'bass got back, intellectually quotated and playfully removed from it’s dancefloor functionality. witchy voices got mixed up with mickey mouse, declaring a higher level of fun and (pop-)freedom. retro synthwave and spacedisco branched itself out into many little bloomy niches and…. well, it was a big pleasure. here are minternational’s top 50 tracks, with an exclusive minternational-video made for the number one:

50 LASERS - Amsterdam
49 Abelard - Spotless
48 disasterpeace - flow
47 LAKIM - take your time
46 gold falls - synth pop
45 aluna george - your drums your love
44 box of wolves - kate winslet and the american accent ii
43 mister lies - false astronomy
42 deez - Sunday
41 peter broderick - it starts here
40 Patchwork  - U Were in Ma Dreams
39 Sleep ∞ Over - Romantic Streams CFCF remix)
38 inc. - the place
37 lil ugly mane - breezem out
36 party girl - open your eyes
35 t.i.p. - moon struck
34 real player 7 - i like the way
33 delta x - i want to be with u
32 dreams - don’t care about her
31 arca - manners
30 kuhrye-oo - not feeling the love
29 BASKETBALL CAMP - 80′s doctor
28 blithe field - mom likes the 80′s
27 romare - down the line (it takes a number)
26 metronomy - the look (t.i.p.’s shook shook rework)
25 kindness - house
24 jai paul - jasmine
23 kuhrye-oo - give in (for the fame)
22 cristian vogel - lucky connor
21 mustapha mond - so soon
20 triad god - pok
19 babe rainbow - greed (ft. yung clova) (cfcf rermix)
18 the bank - leona
17 a§ap rocky - purple swag (jim e-stack bootleg)
16 kendrick lamar - the art of peer pressure

15 heavy heads – bowflex

14 alexander spit – facemelter (stacey remix)

13 mister lies – cleam

12 jeremih – fuck u all the time (ft. natasha mosley)

11 young & sick – house of spirits

10 veracom – st()ne

9 egyptian hip hop – yoro diallo

8 niki & the dove – in your eyes

7 telephoned – the vow (last call version)

6 inc. – 5days

5 tropics – popup cinema

4 outer limitz – i kontact

3 shoulda – on my roost

2 stay+ – 1812

1 svengali – slow