Favourite Eps of 2013

lists are essential for us. these are minternational’s favourite eps of 2013:

20 sk kakraba band – ep

19 lake radio – nostradamus

18 real player 7 – opportunities

17 horse head – the GREEN 1

16 nuage – so long

15 dukes of chutney – domino

14 janine and the mixtape – dark mind

 13 ambinate – when tell

12 rival consoles – odyssey

11 computer slime – ミスト

10 mssingo – ep

9 no glow – no future

8 horse head – fresh prince

7 RomCom – 420 jazz funk greats

6 dj rashad – rollin’

5 clap! clap! – gwiningwi dema

4 PURPLE – salvation

3 vanguard – diver

2 shy girls – timeshare

1 slow machete – mango tree

ep: Vanguard

Another great release from the ever interesting AMDISCS-Label is the new Diver-Ep from Vanguard which manages to combine chilly atmosphere with grooves and beats in such a good way you really don’t want it to end after the very short 17 minutes on there. you can get this little pleasure here – and while you visit the label maybe you can persuade AMDISCS that 8 euros is just a tiny bit too much for a new-media-ep-release… not that it’s not worth it, but things should be mentioned sometimes…

below you see the champagner-seapunk-aesthetik originally intended in persona of the Echohunter video, and then see another minternational romantic manipulation for Timbowolf:

album: HAIM

it took LA’s quartett HAIM (three sisters in the publich and a guy never seen) one year to get from a never unsure blog hype to the biggest newcomer act around. we all knew it and now it really got true: they are ridiciously good. every move the make is professionally and lifts their teenage charme to immediate pop-starism. you will hear their songs on you grandpa’s radio station, you will buy it on the flea market, you will visit their concerts afraid of looking at girls way under your age. you will want to dance like them and start wearing short-cut jeans and get a hippie again. close to no filler the debut lp Days Are Gone satisfies high pop requirements, sounding like late 70′s Fleetwood Mac produced by Phoenix. (their Fleetwood love is no secret and there is even a Fleetwood cover version on the album). and so, is it all good? why is it good? read above. if you want pop professionalism at it’s breakthrough – better take this. or at least discuss if they are authentic. or if ‘authentic’ is even a criteria for POP. or whatever. meanwhile, i wait for If I could change your mind to come out as a single and video…

album: Log Across the Washer

Log Across the Washer is the solo proect of portland’s former member Tyler Keene of And And And. Well, that’s the facts – and i didn’t know any of those names till aorund a month ago. but once in a while the internet drops something unexpcected and unsearched in your earsight. Keene has released like several hours of unbaked and raw indie music over the last two years. and now comes pancakes. 22 lose but coherent tracks, more than 60 minutes of brainwaves, short studies and tiny outbreaks. it’s hard not to spoil some band and songwriter names that come to mind, you have to see that for yourself. let’s just say this is a classic pre-breakthrough record, when someone genius but unconventional and experimental permits himself for his inner pop side to take part in the course of producing music. lovely, lovely stuff. daytime and nighttime music. and just when of the tracks seems to nowhere, the three following unravel pure indie bliss to you. brilliant. what else is there to do than to go to Keene’s bandcamp and get the album for whatever you wann give?


ok. here is FLECS. producer, young, London, electronic beats. just teasing us with this one demo track on his soundcloud and a cover of what seems to get his first ep titled EpOne. though this demo only delivers the structure you can imagine this is not going to be an underground act. it’s not so bad at all, so let’s see…

album: Prefab Sprout

yes, it is true. there is a new Prefab Sprout album out there. and yes, it’s not official released yet, it just has leaked. it will be called Crimson/Red and will be in stores from 7 october. what exciting news. As Paddy McAloon has stated in 2006 that he is slowly loosing his hearing, due to Ménière’s disease, the band releasing an album in 2009 was a surprise. considered as the final statement, no fan would have hoped for more. however, here it is: ten more songs that should make any fan of decent pop music happy. sure, it’s no Steve McQueen, maybe one of the three best records ever, but it is good, in fact: it is fantastic.

it’s ten songs about the worthy things of life, about art, longing and griev, and as we know Paddy, it’s often about those amoristic peccadillos and intellectual scenarios that give pictures for the crossroads of romance and intellectuality. and if you’d asked for a theme, i would say it’s sort of a cowboylandish faustian theme and the search for off-swinging and own moral laws based on passion.

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!


Slow Machete

Slow Machete is nothing less than musical bliss. it’s a wonderful crossing of world music and pop, pop as an artificial, as a constructed world in the world. So here is for you the story of Slow Machete in short. Just as much as you need to get into those two eps that are running on minternational for weeks now. and whilst listening you can read more about Joe Shaffer and his project here and here. Since the first time Joe Shaffer, born in Pittsburgh, visited Haiti, he fell in love with the local sound and atmosphere. For many years he volunteers there, helping in clinics, orphanages and agricultural programs, and during that times and efforts he made a lot of friends and recorded them peoples, voices and sounds whenever he could. then he gets a producer, picks moments, changes tones, cuts in it, re-arranges. along come samples of field recordings, noises, and not to forget: his machete doing chops and swingings. and just in the end he occasionally puts some of his own vocals to it. the result are beautiful tracks that perfectly balance the spiritual, the meaningful and the worldbound tradition of folk music with the disengaged, dreamworldly, light space of pop music.

Now take an internet walk to Slow Machete’s bandcamp and spend some money which will be rewarded with musical pleasure and also will be used to support haitian help programs! both the 2012 album Evening Dust Choir and the new 2013 ep Mango Tree are highly recommended.