Bad Cello


Bad Cello is the moniker of Zeno Pittarelli from Utica, which is not in Italy but in the state of NY. Pittarelli is releasing bits and pieces since 2012, ranging from bedroom pop to lo-fi-indie, from Singer/Songwriter to (more or less) pure elctro tracks, all in a very fashionable but also charming style. get a little insight with the post-techno track RINGXIETY, Precipice from his last ep Finna and his recent guest appearenc on Diploma by the 17yo producer GBMystical:

RINGXIETY by Bad Cello

Precipice by Bad Cello



don’t know anything about this 16 year old dude, except that he is releasing a track on soundcloud like everyday to which i don’t listen to much but this one is a greratly entertaining piece of dirt:

Favourite Tracks of 2013

and finally, minternational’s tracks of the year 2013. even in the jungle of mediocre trap’n'chill-electro, self repeating production line vapour and all the soundcloud masses there is still enough stuff to reallly like.

50 mensa group international – drake vampires
49 power nap – eat or be eaten
48 회사AUTO – sitcom ending [1994]
47 blasianlion – HOTUM
46 terio – onle love
45 yung lean – oreomilkshake
44 ryan hemsworth & starlito – can’t get over you
43 AD1M – pimps anthem
42 jr. hi – secrets ft. the weeknd
41 drake – hold on, we’re going home
40 CROWNS – desire
39 selva oscura – vein
38 parrotice – myst
37 vanguard – timbowolf
36 brooklyn buildings – awakeing (demo)
35 choongum – girlfriend
34 nknwn – 022
33 sophie – elle
32 cabaal – out of body
31 goldroom – embrace (cyclist remix)
30 teepee girls – try it
29 flecs – you (demo)
28 changez – gone
27 tv nicks – now it’s just me
26 katy perry – wider awake (groundislava cool mix)
25 sweater beats – make a move
24 dj new jersey drone – syn
23 rahdays – diamonds
22 shy girls – second heartbeat
21 – Amma Chant
20 kreayshawn – babycakes
19 rare times – watched over
18 mounet – gather
17 antwon – automatic
16 daft punkt – DNITRGHT (abjo’s turn up RMX)

15 BASKETBALL CAMP – the right

14 Thrift Store Gestapo – MMXII

13 Lake Radio – please

12 headunderwater – neighbors

11 our founders – you are mine (bad channels remix)

10 magic fades – maxxed out

9 max basic – that’s all i said


7 a&ap rocky – fashion killa

6 game – all that (lady) (horse head remix)

5 mssingno – xe2

4 sophie – bipp

3 dj rashad – let it go

2 shy girls – under attack

1 vektroid – enemy


Favourite LPs of 2013

 lps, lps, lps. 2013 has not been the strongest year in terms of full lenght releases. a lot of artists just couldn’t bring their potential to the point for a collection of tracks. many highly expected albums also highly failed, especially in the bedroom-r’n'b genre (the-drum, the internet and so on). trap and cloud rap is getting the worst kind (the mixtape genre), chilltronics are really democratically getting weared out (Stwo etc.). so, whilst a lot of the bloggers got lulled away with like endless emerging soft-pop-gals (with Lorde being the tip of the iceberg, Janelle Monáe, Laura Mvula and so on), minternational reached out for some other, sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden, longplayers between the lines of artistry and pop.

40 real swell – suburban fortress

cassette recorder indie curmudgeon sadness

39 safety scissors – in a manner of sleeping

data-pop from an adult boy

38 blood orange – cupid deluxe

slick producer pop, a bit going nowhere though…

37 ethernet – opus 2

ambient album of the year

36 glasser – interiors

album of the year on dummy, and damn, it is good

35 ed motta – AOR

brazilian Steely Dan fan with a programmatic release

34 botany – lava diviner

chill out

33 volcano choir – repave

hype it or not, Justin Vernon is getting a professional

32 yo la tengo – fade

old friends, unspectaculary saying hello

31 tomemitsu – m_o_d_e_s

poetic songs like falling leaves

30 the range – nonfiction

a potpourri of electronic things (the brit version)

29 ryan hemsworth – guilt trips

a potpourri of electronic things (the us version)

28 bombino – nomad

you should have at least one world music album in your list to stay a good person

27 antwon – in dark denim

electronic ghetto funk 2.1

26 john wizards – st.

innocent folly of the jungle

25 oOoOO – without your love

a solitary echo of decent witch house

24 RHYE – the fall

(sorry for this one, couldn’t help it’s sade’ish charme)

23 unknown mortal orchestra – ii

you gotta have at least one odd album in your list to keep your other side alive

22 dawes – stories don’t end

in a saloon without agressions there plays dawes

21 Diana – perpetual surrender

a nice little pop album

20 Snakadaktal – sleep in the water

must be a comfortable record, if i believe the stats of my account

19 LTTLE PHNX – d’esprit luvrs

a girl with her drum machine exploring her dreams and fears

18 v.a. – after dark 2

Italians Do It Better’s second compilation collects the finest serious disco around

17 childish gambino – because the internet

again he delivers one of the better mixtapes

16 Zachary Cale – blue rider

nice acoustic guitar folk ballads

15 blank banshee – 1

vapourwave meditations

14 αtu – pictures on silence

lovely beat cuttings

13 nils frahm – spaces

majestic. live album of the year


big chilly electro pop fun

11 Miami Vice – palm haze

irresistible vhs romance

10 State Cows – the second one

swedish Steely Dan fans with very skilled tracks

9 HAIM – days are gone

euphoric girls on POP-fire

8 k.roosevelt – RoseGold

mixtape of the year

7 The Weeknd – Kiss Land

an epic aimless amalgam of michael jackson and trent reznor

6 horse head – purple tape

“phantastic” internet themes

5 vandaam – st.

an overlooked, old schoolish album of electro pop

4 Eyeliner – LARP of luxury

Luke Rowell’s second collection of reflections on kapitalism

3 log across the washer – pancakes

evokes like every indie love ever had

2 Magic Fades – obsession

such brilliant bedroom r’n'b

1 Prefab Sprout – crimson/red

out of nowhere came a new prefab album. a christmas present in september and one of their best it is, too


Favourite Eps of 2013

lists are essential for us. these are minternational’s favourite eps of 2013:

20 sk kakraba band – ep

19 lake radio – nostradamus

18 real player 7 – opportunities

17 horse head – the GREEN 1

16 nuage – so long

15 dukes of chutney – domino

14 janine and the mixtape – dark mind

 13 ambinate – when tell

12 rival consoles – odyssey

11 computer slime – ミスト

10 mssingo – ep

9 no glow – no future

8 horse head – fresh prince

7 RomCom – 420 jazz funk greats

6 dj rashad – rollin’

5 clap! clap! – gwiningwi dema

4 PURPLE – salvation

3 vanguard – diver

2 shy girls – timeshare

1 slow machete – mango tree

ep: Vanguard

Another great release from the ever interesting AMDISCS-Label is the new Diver-Ep from Vanguard which manages to combine chilly atmosphere with grooves and beats in such a good way you really don’t want it to end after the very short 17 minutes on there. you can get this little pleasure here – and while you visit the label maybe you can persuade AMDISCS that 8 euros is just a tiny bit too much for a new-media-ep-release… not that it’s not worth it, but things should be mentioned sometimes…

below you see the champagner-seapunk-aesthetik originally intended in persona of the Echohunter video, and then see another minternational romantic manipulation for Timbowolf: