minternational’s top albums of 2012

the particular album-long timespan of attention that will grab you without getting you weary, well, sure it’s gotten even more something for “real” music listeners (in contrary to let’s say stream or radio people). but even in the age of track per track following on blogs, soundcloud and fileshops, the ALBUM is still the major category of music listening. the connection between album lenght, technical aspects of music making and selling and social structures (capitalism, individualism, modes of identification and so on), that would be an interesting scientific text to get. (same goes for the possibilities of a pop song to still be a pop song). claimimg subjective and objective reasons, giving “most listened to” the slightly bigger argument, these are minternationals’s top albums of 2012:

50 clams casino – instrumental mixtape 2

with his cloudy, washed-out and lo-fi sounds clams casino leaves his mark in the rap scene

49 james ferrao – sushi

the no1 intellectual recycler of these days. the study character of his tracks makes them a bit cold. but there’s a lot going on to discover

48 grimes – visions

a friend of mine said they are sounding like a modern version of enya. well, it’s not that bad and the album definetely has it’s flow

47 lake radio – hypoxia

a collection of more than three (!) hours of interesting pieces. lake radio is definetely to watch out for. maybe this one should be up much higher in the list

46 jessie ware – devotion

jessie, the hipster lady of the year. this album may not be for eternity, just smooth and elegant enough to enjoy over all the other post-adele singers runnning around

45 v.a. – svengali – vol. 1

for me, the svengali label is the best distilling of the sound of 2012. their label sampler vol.1 is the first prove of that

44 cities aviv – black pleasure

their stuff is exctiting but chaotic and the real pleasure of their outcome is not easy to define right now. for the sake of their otherness placed at this position

43 peter broderick – these walls of mine

peter has released two albums this year experimenting with different forms of music distribution and online presentation. the second one is consisting of old diary notes put together with song fragments


a wonderful compilation by the japanese blog Hi-Hi-Whoopee displaying a wonderful “bandcamp-feeling”. very nicely arranged

41 chairlift – something

at first i found it terrible. than i liked it more and more

40 TEAMS – rarities 2008 – 2012

this collection of old and new tracks just shows how genre -defining and -indepedent TEAMS always have been

39 s u r v i v e – st.

epic analoge space disco or whatever this stuff is

38 sean byrd – always was

electronica in the vein of electronica – serious and straight

37 donald fagen – sunken condo

the master’s new solo lp might be a grower in the future

36 the soundtrack of our lives – thow it to the universe

a typical tsool album, what makes it somehow good

35 memory tapes – grace/confusion

a great undefined plastic prog album

34 deniro farrar & shady blaze – kill or be killed

in good old hip hop tradition not every track is good here. but the rest is monsta space ghetto

33 jshih – interval

slightly more adult than other actual stuff, but still very modern

 32 dose – so this is where we are

the second best groundislava’ish album of the year with a promise to chill

31 vacationer – gone

this year’s best forest chill out

30 dexy’s – one day i’m going to soar

terribly produced comeback of the dexy’s midnight runnners

29 groundislava – feel me

is this trip hop?

28 voices from the lake – st.

dub techno in the tradition of gas and plasticman

27 foxy shazam – the church of rock and roll

finally, finally a reason to once listen to any sort of rock gospel backround vocals

26 v.a. – warm#1

very nice dream pop compilation from lumenous

25 boy friend – egyptian wrinkle

wish i would have listened to this one more often

24 horrid red – celestial joy lp

quite authentic cold wave

23 gonzales – solo piano ii

a surprisingly modest chilly gonzales album

22 kendrick lamar – good kid – m.a.a.d city

we all decided this to be the best classic conscious rap album of the year (ok…, this one or kendrick lamar)

21 d’eon – lp

an entertaining round dance of two or three basic elements

20 antwon – end of earth

a short, diversified and impudent pleasure

19 vektroid – color ocean road

a really really good one of it’s kind

18 nils frahm – screws

pulled this short meditation from the eps to the lps (he should work with bon iver one day)


17 suicideyear – st.

a fantastic hip hop producers showcase

16 surgeons in heat – st.

plain and sympathic indie

15 triad god – nxb

a thoughtful version of the streets in mandarin

14 japandroids – celebration rock

celebration rock means fun and action

13 rosie thomas – with love

a kitsch award we dare to give

12 human don’t be angry – st.

humble hyms of malcolm middleton

11 dom kennedy – yellow album

just my personal favourite hip hop album this year, without rhyme or reason

10 bobby womack – the bravest man in the universe

an unvoluntary balancing act between beeing modern and embarrasing, the braveness makes it the first

9 v.a. – svengali vol.2

recent developements brought together and beyound in some sorts of trap-r’n'b

8 selva oscura – refractides

there for you if you want a heartful and uncomplicated headphone dance. nothing to be ashamed about

7 egyptian hip hop – good don’t sleep

a deep hidden level of emotionality

6 john talabot – ƒin

a very unmodern enjoyment of straight and melancholy cosmic house

5 memoryhouse – the sideshow effect

takes time and gives it back elegant and slow. absolutely beautiful

4 rufus wainwright – out of the game

one of those yearly albums i just don’t know why they worked so good in the everyday

3 supreme cuts – whispers in the dark

an album you trust to be a good choice even if you don’t remember the content exactly. like a dinner lp on a planet of music lovers

2 eyeliner – high fashion mood music

nerdiness that outreaches nerdiness through unwavering playfulness

1 lemonade – diver

pop from the other heart of pop: homogeniously, compact and floating – artificial but transporting – solipsistic and participating at the same time