album: Dirty Loops

there it is. after waiting for nearly two years Dirty Loops from Sweden finally release their debut lp Loopified. and what an album it is. these three young guys are doing an explosion of music skill and joy of playing giving you the highest pleasure. they startet out with cover versions of r’n'b tracks on youtube (with great success) until they felt ready for doing their own stuff. so you see, and can hear, that their r’n'b, chart and dancefloor mood is not an irony, but nor it is plain quoting. it is fully with the acknowledging of pop and nearly the most possible playing inside the rules resulting in one of the very, very, very rare moments when chords and rhythms tempt and excurse without losing the structure and therefore without losing the radio. what you get is a wet dream of a handmake production and sound creations that every Justin Timberlake or Katy P or your favorite Boy Band would have liked to have. always on full level but never too much a blast to push you against the wall. get to their homepage for further instructions and get hooked with lost in you, one of the great excitements on the album:

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