album: VANDAAM

so here it is, the self titled debut album from VANDAAM, a trio from Minneapolis. two guys on the decks and a lady singin’. the production has a home-made style, bit flat, with trap elements, simple drum-computing and all that, and yet the whole thing is quite old-schoolish and straight, reminding of classic girl-with-producer-acts from the trip-hop-times (which names i don’t remember right now). it’s hard to say if they will have a breakthrough. considering the strong songwriting they should. but maybe it will be the subtle modern approach and the under-production that will make the album criminally overlooked by the people. criminally, cause the songs just have it, they are softly inviting and the grooves even evoke a very decent nodding. and there will not be many acts posted here as nice and commonly lovable as VANDAAM, that’s for sure. let’s have a break from being revolutional and get the album on their bandcamp for your own personal price!