album: Eyeliner

munich international has been away for a while, well, in case you didn’t recognize…but music has been running, in the  m.i.’s headphones and stereo-speakers as well. and there have been some great albums in september that i wanna share with you. the first highlight needs a litte introduction:

Adam Harper seems to be one of the most exciting pop-essayists in recent time. his writings are presenting an urge to explore progression and new developments by constantly following the pop world constructing bits and pieces of theories about pop culture, identity building, technical movements and so on. some weks ago he started to periodically write for the dummy magazine, which is as equally a great blog (and absolutely one of my favourites, now deeply recommended to you). in an essay about irony in pop he mentioned eyeliner, an instrumental project of new zealandish luke rowell, and so i checked it out, and there you have it: eyeliner has to be in the 2012 top list, believe it or not. It’s a lovely, nerdy, retroistic collection of music library, post-new wave meets 8-bit moods. the label says: “Eyeliner is a new economical listening experience by Luke Rowell (of Disasteradio prestige). An album tailored to be as acoustically efficient as possible by using the latest in mp3 compression technology! Conceptually following in the grand tradition of muzik library albums whilst paying homage to the legendary output of the late Innovative Communications catalog, High Fashion Mood Music creates 12 seductive environments to relax, unwind and be productive in. […] Built entirely from the inner musings of an early Korg synthesiser. Syncopated synth extensions pull at feng shui arrangements accompanied by plastic-shrubbery-percussion. […] Utilising an acoustically efficient MP3 compression rate of 96 kilobytes per second, Luke was able to master the listening experience to its most silky, most economical and most pleasurable maximum.” hm…, to be honest, I don’t have a clue what is ment here, but I love it as it is. go to the album’s (and the hilarious-synthetic crystal magic label’s) bandcamp and pay as you like for it. maybe you get addicted as me, what would make the world a better place for sympathic fools. here’s scenery for your pleasure: