album: Niki And The Dove

sweden always has been the origin of great POP music (think of abba, the cardigans, the knive, robyn). this time it is Niki & the Dove conquering criticals and listeners. over and around 2011 the duo already have released a couple of singles which got more than some propaganda, so nearly half of the album instinct is not new. except, you haven’t heard of them yet. i’m myself still not sure, if the album as a whole will – for me – be as durable as the other full lenghts i posted here. niki & the dove are not shy of quite bombastic, ikea-tribalistic kitsch, true that. but why not? and on the other hand, they somehow do it on their own, work on a bigger picture maybe, and at times i hear a lot of hidden sophisticated parts in their music. good thing is, you can decide for yourself if the album works as a good album, as sub pop not only houses the duo but also streams the whole thing! and if i hadn’t posted instinct as an album, i definetely would have thrown out in your eyes, the track which is running on repeat here since days.