album: Selva Oscura

yes, another album again. in my opinion, the first half of 2012 didn’t bring up too many really good lonplayers. i had my picks, but definetely not as much as the last years. but now things are getting better. and it’s chicago again, getting my favourite music city these weeks. short after the release of the supreme cuts album, which is fantastic and which i kept from you, ray levinson-fort aka selva oscura drops this wondeful collection under the name of refractides. the first impressions let you think either of brooklyn’s chill wave or new zealandish dream wave, but then some very special urban atmospheres and voice samples come along that are in contact with the genre-expanding environment that makes chicago so interesting and productive right now. all in all refractides isn’t aiming to be nerdy or progressive, but still it has enough sounds to call it’s own to be considered a great album. and it’s quite clubby, too – if you allow those moments on the dancefloor. for example listen to i don’t feel home, a track i would like german elektro to sound like (again) (or did it ever?) (ok, forget that comment). don’t hesitate to go to their bandcamp and name you price for the whole thing!