album: S U R V I V E

cube, some big instrumental-only anthem i accidently found on the internet, was one of my favourite tracks last year. though it was hard to find or even to get. now finally the “full-analog-synth quartet” S U R V I V E from Austin released a complete lp consisting of this and eight other instrumental excursions into a sci-fi-retro-disco-ambient world via the italian electronica/cold-wave labe mannequin. as there are more sound-studies on it as such grippy tunes as cube, i would say the lp is rather a nerdy gem than a pop album. but still there are some phat tunes on it (really!), and also the more genre-appealing ones are definetely worth to listen. find your way to their bandcamp and do some space shopping. meanwhile listen to cube, which’  title is floating cube now: