telephoned from brooklyn did a rework of their own song called the vow. first glance i thought this sounds like a mediocre radio song, but then, listening once more… it smoothly became a nice and soft bouncy hymn to me and the weakest spot of munich international is touched and creates an addiction. reading telephoned’s own descritpion about what they did helped me to understand my fascination:  “The Vow” is the miami bass meets UK Funky ballad from our recent Ring Ring EP, but here we create a new, slowed down and spaced out version for the late night crowd. Maggie’s vocal gets some space to breathe, before getting submerged in a swirly mix of guitars and trap snares.” that fits quite well for sure. can’t say much more about the original version of the track or anything else ’cause sometimes i simply enjoy the luxury of loving one song without caring any further about it’s backround (what shouldn’t keep you from doing that!),  but if you have the weak spot too you should try the vow (last call version) below or even better quickly smash it on your harddisc as telephoned offer it as a freebie directly here!