album: Dirty Loops

there it is. after waiting for nearly two years Dirty Loops from Sweden finally release their debut lp Loopified. and what an album it is. these three young guys are doing an explosion of music skill and joy of playing giving you the highest pleasure. they startet out with cover versions of r’n'b tracks on youtube (with great success) until they felt ready for doing their own stuff. so you see, and can hear, that their r’n'b, chart and dancefloor mood is not an irony, but nor it is plain quoting. it is fully with the acknowledging of pop and nearly the most possible playing inside the rules resulting in one of the very, very, very rare moments when chords and rhythms tempt and excurse without losing the structure and therefore without losing the radio. what you get is a wet dream of a handmake production and sound creations that every Justin Timberlake or Katy P or your favorite Boy Band would have liked to have. always on full level but never too much a blast to push you against the wall. get to their homepage for further instructions and get hooked with lost in you, one of the great excitements on the album:

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Bad Cello


Bad Cello is the moniker of Zeno Pittarelli from Utica, which is not in Italy but in the state of NY. Pittarelli is releasing bits and pieces since 2012, ranging from bedroom pop to lo-fi-indie, from Singer/Songwriter to (more or less) pure elctro tracks, all in a very fashionable but also charming style. get a little insight with the post-techno track RINGXIETY, Precipice from his last ep Finna and his recent guest appearenc on Diploma by the 17yo producer GBMystical:

RINGXIETY by Bad Cello

Precipice by Bad Cello



don’t know anything about this 16 year old dude, except that he is releasing a track on soundcloud like everyday to which i don’t listen to much but this one is a greratly entertaining piece of dirt:

Favourite Tracks of 2013

and finally, minternational’s tracks of the year 2013. even in the jungle of mediocre trap’n'chill-electro, self repeating production line vapour and all the soundcloud masses there is still enough stuff to reallly like.

50 mensa group international – drake vampires
49 power nap – eat or be eaten
48 회사AUTO – sitcom ending [1994]
47 blasianlion – HOTUM
46 terio – onle love
45 yung lean – oreomilkshake
44 ryan hemsworth & starlito – can’t get over you
43 AD1M – pimps anthem
42 jr. hi – secrets ft. the weeknd
41 drake – hold on, we’re going home
40 CROWNS – desire
39 selva oscura – vein
38 parrotice – myst
37 vanguard – timbowolf
36 brooklyn buildings – awakeing (demo)
35 choongum – girlfriend
34 nknwn – 022
33 sophie – elle
32 cabaal – out of body
31 goldroom – embrace (cyclist remix)
30 teepee girls – try it
29 flecs – you (demo)
28 changez – gone
27 tv nicks – now it’s just me
26 katy perry – wider awake (groundislava cool mix)
25 sweater beats – make a move
24 dj new jersey drone – syn
23 rahdays – diamonds
22 shy girls – second heartbeat
21 – Amma Chant
20 kreayshawn – babycakes
19 rare times – watched over
18 mounet – gather
17 antwon – automatic
16 daft punkt – DNITRGHT (abjo’s turn up RMX)

15 BASKETBALL CAMP – the right

14 Thrift Store Gestapo – MMXII

13 Lake Radio – please

12 headunderwater – neighbors

11 our founders – you are mine (bad channels remix)

10 magic fades – maxxed out

9 max basic – that’s all i said


7 a&ap rocky – fashion killa

6 game – all that (lady) (horse head remix)

5 mssingno – xe2

4 sophie – bipp

3 dj rashad – let it go

2 shy girls – under attack

1 vektroid – enemy